She is good natured and laid back.  She loves to play games with the children and soak up the sun.  She was sired by Grand Champion Johnson Hurricane Ivan. Her pedigree shows the blood of chamions is heavy in her line.Bailey has retired from having puppies but she still likes playing the role of grandma!  She seems to be most content to just supervise the bulldog activities.  She refuses to be pushed around.  She has no problem reminding the young ones who is really the boss.  When we try to get her running, we still see her stubborn streak. It is like she looks up and say, "I am going to stand here for a bit just to prove to you that I will move when I want and at the speed that I want!"  


She is full of energy and always looking to play. Her personality is great.  Aside from the fact that she seems to be OCD when it comes to stainless steel food dishes, she is an absolute delight.  I used to think she had a bulldog case of ADHD but that has changed.  She has matured so nicely and really developed into an exceptional bulldog.  She is compact.  She is definitely not oversizied for a bulldog but at the same time she is not petitite or small.  She has great bone mass as you can tell from the picture.  She is wide and stocky.  Her head is wider than the average female bulldog.  She is a daughter of our own Hurricane's Bully Bailey and sired by Grand Champion Aguirre's Son of Scout. Her Pedigree is also full of champions.    


She is a fun loving dog full of energy.  She is a definite lap dog, and will curl up in your lap if you let her.  She is a beautiful bulldog, with exceptional features.  She has a wide chest and is low to the ground.  The dip she has in her back is perfect.  She is very short and stocky and her head is a great size.  Her colors are white and with a little brown around the eyes.  Her pedigree is loaded with champions and grandchampions.  Her dad, Jan's Star Chaiser, is also a champion.  Abella also is AKC registered.