Bailey was sired by Grand Champion Johnson Hurricane Ivan.  Bailey has eight champions in her three generation pedigree and twenty-six in her five generation pedigree.  


The American Kennel Club requires a dog to obtain a total of 25 points with three major wins (a major win is worth three points or higher) to become a Grand Champion. The majors must be won under three different judges and at least one other judge must award some of the remaining points – so you need to win under at least four different judges. Also at least one Champion of Record must be defeated at three of these shows.

A dog must be (1) a Champion of Record or (2) have been transferred to BOB competition based upon the owners’ records of their having completed the requirements for a CH title to be eligible for Grand Championship (GCH) competition.


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This is Bailey's mother, Frenchie.

This is Bailey's father, Grand Champion, Johnson Hurricane Ivan.