Hurricane's Son Bilbo Aldrich























This is Bilbo (after Bilbo Baggins).  He causes so many laughs in our family.  He is nosy and wants to be involved in everything that is happening.  Having the rolls on his head rubbed is one of his favorite activities and he will beg until he gets it.  


Bilbo is a son of Hurricane's Bully Bailey and GCH Aguirre's Son of Scout.  








Bilbo has some youngins running around that he has sired and so he is proven.  This is James.  He is a great looking pup. He is from Aesop's Alisa and Bilbo.  

Bilbo is available to service approved females.  If you would have interest in using Bilbo, please contact us via phone or email.  If you email, please include a pedigree, pictures of your female, and a little bit about yourself.

Bilbo's Three Generation Pedigree




GCH Aguirre’s Son of Scout


CH Flippins Scout

CH Millcoats Geronimo

Flippin’s My Bonnie

CH Aguirre’s Dancin Days are Here Again

CH Aguirre’s Big Boy JR

Aguirre’s Artea

Hurricanes Bully Bailey


GCH Johnson Hurricane Ivan

CH Legacy Only Calvin Klein

CH Johnson Abby Legacy

Frenchie Davis

CH Juliet’s Romeo II

Sweet Dreamin Patticakes