Ladies and Gentlemen we have puppies available for approved homes! 

We are absolutely thrilled.  Chloe had five puppies and they are doing extremely well.  These puppies are exceptional.  They are ahead of schedule in every area.  They are strong and growing very nicely.  We are excited with the strong bulldog characteristics that we see coming through.  We simply couldn't be more pleased.  They come with health certificates, a health guarantee, shots, wormings, and transition toy.  They will be ready to move into their new homes Friday, January 8.  


If you have any questions, you can email us at or You can also call  or text 717.824.2684 (Dan) or 717.484.4289 (Sheila).  

Name: Duncan

For sale: SOLD - Congratulations Butch and Debbie.  You will give him an excellent home!

Price: $2650

Duncan is a fine young bulldog.  He has heavy bone mass, wide paws, and a great across his face.  He is confident and outgoing.

Name: Dozer

Sex:  Male

For sale:  SOLD - Congratulations James.  Dozer looks foward to being a southern boy!

Price:  $2650

Dozer is a hansome young pup.  His face is completely white and he has a great rope. His color is light fawn.  He has a friendly personality. 

Name: Dexter

Sex: Male

For sale:  SOLD. Congratulations to Kevin, Heather, and family.  

Price:  $2650

Dexter has thick legs and paws.  He has a great rope.  He is brindle.  The left side of his face is white and the right side is masked as you can tell from the picture. 

Name: Daffy

Sex: Female

For sale: SOLD - Congratulations Sara. We are glad your cancer scans came back clear!

Price $2650

Daffy is a wrinkly young lady.  Aside from a mostly white face, she is light fawn.  She has touches of white on her paws.  She has a great personality.

Name: Dolly

Sex:  Female

For sale: SOLD.  Congratulations Scott and Kelly.  Dolly will be so pleased with her new home!

Price: $2650

Dolly is an exceptional pup.  She got great bulldog characteristics, beautiful markings, and a friendly personality.  She is light fawn with traces of red streaks.  

MEET THE PARENTS - Cloud and Chloe

Cloud is a gorgeous white male with fawn spots. He has a great Russian lineage with multiple Russian Champions. He has good confirmation and weighs in at just 56lbs. He loves every person and gets along great with other dogs. 



We do not own the sire. He is owned by BJs Farm.  

Chloe is a bit over two years old and is all that we hoped she would be!  She has beautiful bulldog characteristics. She is compact and stocky.  She also has great bone mass.  She exhibits show quality.  She was sired by grand champion Aguirre's Son of Scout. Her mother was our own Hurricane's Bully Bailey.  Check out her pedigree.  

The entire pregnancy went very well for Chloe. She was active and upbeat the entire time.  The timing of our breeding is always based on progesterone testing and so we were fairly certain of her due date.  We had an appointment with our vet Friday morning, November 13.  After examining her, the vet concluded that there were no labor signs.  We took Chloe home.  By early evening we noticed a slight change in Chloe's behavior.  We called the vet and they did the c-section late evening.  


For the first couple weeks we always keep the puppies separate in an incubator when they are not nursing. This is to ensure that the enviorment and temperature is totally controlled and safe.  Bulldog puppies cannot be on a completely flat surface and so we use towels to create "ripples".  


During the first week, we place the puppies in with the mother every two hours.  We allow them to nurse for about 20-30 minutes.  During this time we are right beside them to make sure that they are all getting what they need. This requires sacrifice and commitment from our entire family.  We set alarms during the night and take turns getting up to let them nurse.  After the first week, the nursing schedule can vary depending on the amount and quality of the mother's milk, the condition of the puppies, the amount of puppies, etc.